Cangas de Onís Market

The "Mercau" of Cangas de Onis, is considered one of the most important in the comarca of the Picos de Europa. As for over two hundred years ago, is still celebrated on Sunday, the day everything is open in Cangas. A the offer of textiles and bazaar joins a varied and abundant exhibition of typical products from the comarca of the Picos de Europa, which can be purchased at great rates.

Brought from the villages and sheepfolds the area products, their producers offer personally. "Arbeyos" and "Fabes" vegetables and fruits, eggs, hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts. You can also buy all sorts of cheeses and meats of the region, such as Cabrales cheese and "Gamoneu" and cured meats made ​​from wild game. Butters, jams, honey and handicrafts complete the offer of "Mercau" from Cangas de Onis.

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