National Park Picos de Europa

The Picos de Europa are formed by three major massifs: the Cornión West, Central or East Los Urrieles and or Andara. From the May 30, 1995, the National Park Picos de Europa happens to be the largest area of the parks declared in our country, having its origin in the Mountain National Park of Covadonga, the first held in Spain. The oak, the oak, beech and holly are the dominant tree species in the landscape. In terms of wildlife can be found vultures, jackdaws, chamois, deer, bobcat and with a little luck, grouse, bird emblematic of the Picos de Europa.
There are several attractions that you can visit within the park:
  • Real Sitio de Covadonga. Marian shrine dedicated to the Virgin of Covadonga. (Cangas de Onis)
  • Covadonga Lakes (Enol and Ercina). Located in the Massif Cornión. (Cangas de Onis)
  • Path of Cares. Separate The Cornión Urrieles Massif. The Path begins in Poncebos (Cabrales)
  • Ordiales viewpoint. It is located in the Massif Cornión. The route starts from La Vega de Enol.
  • Bulnes Funicular: Located in Poncebos allows communication with the village of Bulnes, although there is also a walking route to access the village that part also from Poncebos.

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