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Path La Cuesta

This path that skirts the Municipal Golf Course has a magnificent view over the coast during its entire run.
Home: La Portilla. Fin: Beach Vicinity of Ballota. Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2 hours (round trip)
Hits from Llanes: The route begins near the Chapel of Christ, in the Gate. To get there take the detour to the entrance of the Villa de Llanes indicates Cue and Andrín direction. A few meters ahead, turn right and continue straight ahead, from here to the Hermitage access is pedestrian. When you reach the Chapel signal indicates the beginning of the path to the left.
The path runs along 3 kms. Bordering the top of a hill, on whose plain is located Municipal golf field. Due to its location the view from all the way is spectacular, and we will enjoy the coastal profile of this part of the council being able to observe the town of Villa de Llanes, the historical and monumental, and the fishing port, with the work Basque artist Agustín Ibarrola "Cubes of Memory", the town of Cue, and the meadows and coastal cliffs.

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